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You can watch [site_name] sessions on any connected device. Or you can listen to the audio only by phone.


The videos are streaming only. They are not downloadable.


Additional Audio Troubleshooting:

Our default audio player will work on most devices by clicking the yellow “Play” button. Make sure that the player is not muted by clicking the "max volume" speaker icon on the right side of the volume bar, and that the volume on your computer/device is turned up. If you’re still not hearing anything, then take one of the following steps and try the “Play” button again:


Additional Video Troubleshooting:

  • If your video becomes choppy (i.e., starts and stops), please pause the video, keep it paused for a full minute, and then resume playback.

  • If your video completely freezes, refresh the page in your browser.

  • If neither of those solve the problem, try using a different browser, or quit/restart your current browser.