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Entering the New World as a Practicing Herbalist

Broadcast on September 30, 2021
With Margi Flint
Hosted by Sajah Popham

As we enter the world we choose to create after COVID, what has changed in herbal practice? Margi Flint explores what aspects are essential for being a good listener, in what ways practitioners are meeting with clients and how they are nourishing ourselves to maintain focus.

In This Session You'll Discover:

  • The importance of self-care is required to care for others
  • Prioritizing being with plants is the true learning
  • Tips for clinical practice are neverending
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Margi Flint

Registered Herbalist AHG and Herbal Mentor, BSc

Margi Flint owns and operates EarthSong Herbals, an integrative practice Her goal is to assist people in achieving and maintaining optimum health. At EarthSong Herbals, staff conduct in-depth, joyful consultations with clients. Margi may have a visiting herbalist or intern by her side. Together with their clients, they determine the appropriate herbs and treatments unique to each person. Suggestions may include diet, supplements, exercise and encouraging desired levels of happiness. The final step is developing a plan of realistic compliance.

Twice a month EarthSong Herbs offer practitioners circle, an herbal clinic serving people from the community and herbalists from all over the land looking for clinical experience. Herbalists with varied backgrounds attend including growers, students, massage therapists, estheticians, naturapaths, nurses, doctors, homeopaths, pharmacists – just about any career combination you can imagine! They discuss formulating protocols, preparation of herbs for clients, and billing.

Margi Flint