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Herbs and Astrology: The Past and Future of Healing

Broadcast on September 29, 2021
With Dr. William Morris
Hosted by Kelsey Barrett

Herbs are an essential path to wellness and our relationship with the planet kingdom is essential to our wellness on planet earth. The wellness is part of a wholeness that can be described as an ecopsychosocial framework that includes our internal and external ecosystems, psyche, and sharing with others. Listen to Dr. William Morris as he discuss the past and future of healing with herbs and astrology.

In This Session You'll Discover:

  • Medical research supporting astrological considerations
  • The astrological configuration of the current pandemic
  • A simple formula to balance the pandemic's astrology 
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Dr. William Morris

Author, Teacher of Herbal Medicine, Astrology & Soundhealing

Dr. William Morris is a polymath with skills at the crossroads of medicine, music, and mysticism. He has written works including Transformation:Treating Trauma with Acupuncture and Herbs... Cycles in Medical Astrology... TCM Case Studies: Dermatology, Neoclassical Pulse Diagnosis, and others. His musical efforts include Helios Rising and Helios Attunement. He currently teaches, writes and does consultations for herbs, soundhealing and homeopathy using astrology as a tool for analysis and discussion. He is a principal at Kootenay Sound Healing Centre, where sound journeys and training in sound healing takes place.  

Dr. William Morris