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The Healing Trees: The Edible and Herbal Qualities of Northeastern Woodland Trees

Broadcast on September 28, 2021
With Robbie Hanna Anderman
Hosted by David Crow, LAc

Robbie Hanna Anderman shares stories exploring the healing and nourishing qualities of trees of the Northeastern woodlands. Humans have had a mutual relationship with the tree nation all the way back to creation. By asking for help, and learning how and what to ask for, we can respectively access barks, leaves, pollens, flowers, juices, nuts, saps, roots, essences, seeds, ashes, and resins in our own local bioregions, and thereby develop a deeper grounded relationship with our deeply rooted neighbours.

In This Session You'll Discover:

  • Properly and respectfully harvested, trees and other herbs can replace dependence on pharmaceutical drugs and thereby encourage responsible self-care
  • Tree parts, carefully selected and properly applied, can offer quick first aid when one is walking, camping, canoeing, and/or living near trees
  • The art of preparing fresh pine needles, twigs and bark for a daily tea that provides lots of vitamins — C, A, K, and B, plus other essential nutrients
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Robbie Hanna Anderman

Tree Herbalist, Farmer, Musician, Author, Co-Founder of Morninglory Community

Robbie Anderman has had an intimate working relationship with trees for several decades as orchardist, tree pruner, luthier, woodwind musician, off-grid homesteader, sustainable tree harvester, and tree herbalist. He has planted and tended organic pear, apple, plum, and nut orchards in his farm community and for others, and worked for years at a small tree nursery. Robbie has handcrafted local woods into hundreds of musical instruments, and produced three CDs of his music on wooden & bamboo flutes. 

Robbie's life skills and achievements have also included co-founding the 100-acre intentional land-based off-grid Morninglory community which is still his home, an ongoing learning/teaching/pioneering experiment in co-operative Earth-friendly living, consensus decision-making, natural building, organic gardening and farming, and home learning. For six weeks, Robbie helped set up campsites and free kitchen, was on the “Security Please Force”; and helped clean up at the big “Demonstration of Peace,” at The Woodstock Music and Arts Festival. Over the past 52 years, he has watched 70 acres of open fields and pasture grow into forest. 

Living lightly on, and close to, the land came by osmosis while living in a tipi in eleven various widespread locations in North America for over fifteen months, plus three winters in a ten-foot-by-ten-foot log and birchbark cabin (half in the ground) with a sod roof. Today, Robbie works with his adult son Ethan and his wife, Christina, in their pear and apple juice, cider, and vinegar business where he shares his organic orcharding and gardening knowledge and experience.

Robbie Hanna Anderman