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Flowers as Friends

Broadcast on September 30, 2021
With Maryam Hasnaa At-Tauhidi
Hosted by Adriana Ayales

Maryam Hasnaa teaches us how cultivating a relationship with plants and flowers can assist us with the personal growth of our mind, body, and spirit. Working with plant teachers and the flower kingdom as allies can strengthen our awareness and allow for greater support into the powerful healing that comes from Mother Earth.

In This Session You'll Discover:

  • Plant medicine is one of the most ancient ways to awaken the wisdom of the body
  • that by cultivating a relationship with plant medicines, we begin to build our knowledge of the energetic signatures of herbs, as well as their physical qualities
  • Moving with integrity and respect for the plants is an important aspect of this work
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Maryam Hasnaa At-Tauhidi

Energy Worker, Healer, Flower Priestess

Raised by two parents who are spiritual teachers, Maryam Hasnaa has been immersed in a world of mysticism, ceremony and celebration since before she was born. An initiated priestess, Epenergy worker, medicine woman and flower practitioner, she has found her calling in offering training and mentorship for those with the trait of high sensitivity. She is highly intuitive and a lover of all things that create a feeling of being connected to something bigger than ourselves.

Maryam remembers being highly sensitive long before she truly realized this as a gift. Just like most highly sensitives, she has a heightened nervous system which picks up subtle layers of sensory information that many others do not. Maryam began to understand how to thrive in the world as a sensitive through developing radical self care, wellness and spiritual practices. She has been a consultant for years now, helping educate others on how to do the same. Her passion is curating experiences where people can train their nervous system to feel safe exploring sensing and feeling as a form of intelligence. 

Maryam uses her own highly sensitive gifts to remind other beings of the energetic nature of this universe. She has learned the importance of living in alignment with one’s intuition and most authentic self. Maryam has synthesized ancient teachings along with cutting edge information to create a unique system of healing for those on the path of liberation. This is done in a way that will awaken wholeness and create deep transformation. Through shining her light so brightly her intention is that others will see themselves reflected and do the same.

Maryam Hasnaa At-Tauhidi