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As Above so Below: Herbal Medicine, the Four Elements and Astrology in a Herbal Practice

Broadcast on September 27, 2021
With Elisabeth Brooke
Hosted by Nicole Telkes

Traditional Western herbal medicine is a holistic system which incorporates the herbs, the body, the heavens, and all areas in between. The temperament of the herb and of the patient are taken into account, and astrology is used as a diagnostic tool in the form of the decumbiture chart. The natal chart is used to determine the constition of the person and to choose the best remedies to heal and a build a lifestyle which promotes longterm health and wellbeing. Listen to Elisabeth Brooke as she talks about traditional Western herbal medicine.

In This Session You'll Discover:

  • Traditional Western herbal medicine is a holistic system
  • Herbs are picked and herbal remedies are prepared and presecribed in accordance with planetary energies
  • Traditional Western herbal medicine provides a template for preventative medicine as well as healing
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Elisabeth Brooke

Herbalist, Astrologer, Author, & Workshop Leader

Elisabeth Brooke is a certified medical herbalist, teacher, lecturer, and author. Her current herbal practice focuses on elder wellbeing and preventative medicine using Humoral theory. She's led many Magical Herbalism workshops over the years (including the Radical Herb Gatherings), for organizations such as Hartwood Herbal Medicine School and the University of Westminster. 

She has authored several nonfiction books, including A Woman’s Book of Herbs... Women Healers Through History... A Woman’s Book of Shadows... Herbal Therapy for Women... Medicine Women... and As Above, So Below: Traditional European Herbal Medicine. Online courses based on her bestselling books and workshops are scheduled to be released in October 2021.

Elisabeth earned her credentials at the National Institute of Medical Herbalists, winning the Pharmacology prize. She ran a training clinic for herbal students at Highgate Natural Health Centre, and tutored (Clinical Skills, Pathology, and Pharmacology) at the School of Herbal Medicine. 

Elisabeth Brooke