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Health Sovereignty: Grow Your Own Medicinal Herbs

Broadcast on October 01, 2021
With Elise Higley & Jeff Higley
Hosted by Kelsey Barrett

If we can find a silver lining in this national health crisis, it might be that we are more empowered than ever to learn how to grow our own food and medicine. Jeff and Elise Higley share that with supply chains turned upside down, now is the time to learn more about where, how, and who is growing your medicinals and herbs when you can't grow your own.

In This Session You'll Discover:

  • How growing medicinal herbs is primary healthcare
  • Tips for sourcing when you can't grow your own herbs
  • The importance of who, how, and where your medicinal herbs are grown
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Elise Higley


Elise Higley is an herb farmer in Southern Oregon and has been working with herbs for over twenty years. She was inspired to start an herb farm when she started her own line of herbal teas and was having trouble sourcing quality herbs domestically. With her background in Western herbalism and her husband Jeff’s background in organic farming, they blended their dreams and created a full-fledged herb farm in 2013. Together they own and operate Oshala Farm. Oshala Farm is a 145 acre family farm in Applegate Valley, Oregon with more than 80 medicinal herbs in cultivation. They sell both dried and fresh herbs for wholesale and directly to consumer market. For the past six years, Elise has been orchestrating all aspects of Oshala Farm operations including sales, budgeting, and crop planning to marketing, customer service, and contracting for the farm/business in collaboration with her husband, Jeff Higley.

Jeff Higley


Jeff Higley farms herbs with his wife Elise at Oshala Farm, where they grow more than 80 varieties of medicinal and culinary herbs which they sell to a wide variety of wholesale and direct markets. Over the past 25 years, he has farmed vegetables in Southern California for CSAs, farmer's markets and restaurants, and has grown vanilla, kava, fruit, flowers, and vegetables in Fiji for wholesale, resorts, and markets. He currently farms with his wife Elise on their 145 acre farm in Applegate Valley, Oregon. Jeff also maintains a busy schedule, teaching people about growing herbs, drying herbs, and farm finance at universities, conferences and events.

Elise Higley & Jeff Higley