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Spiritual Co-evolution of Hummingbirds and Plants

Broadcast on September 27, 2021
With Dr. Rocio Alarcón G.
Hosted by Adriana Ayales

Dr. Rocio Alarcón, ethnobotanist and Ecuadorean curandera, speaks on the art and science of curanderismo, emphasizing the healing relationship between plants and hummingbirds. She shares with us the magic and healing power of hummingbirds, discusses their unique connection with plants, and how they can help uplift our everyday lives. Hummingbirds bring us into the present moment with happiness and joy, offering healing for our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies, and ultimately, shifting our consciousness. 

In This Session You'll Discover:

  • The art and science of curanderismo
  • The spiritual relationship between hummingbirds and plants
  • The co-evolution between plants, humans, and flowers
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Dr. Rocio Alarcón G.

IAMOE Centre, Ecuadorian Amazon, Ethnopharmacologist & Curandera

Dr. Rocio Alarcón was born in Ecuador at the foot of Pichincha volcano, in the shadow of the towering Andes mountains. She is a shamanic practitioner and teacher — her work focuses specifically on shamanic healing ceremonies in Ecuador. This sacred knowledge that she now teaches was reverently passed down by her mother and grandmother, who preserved the ancient teachings that were passed on to them by their matralineal ancestors.   

Rocio has spent over 40 years working with various ethnic groups in the tropical rain forest and Andes mountains of Ecuador, as well as in Basque Country, Spain. Her interests include researching ethnobotany and biodiversity, plus teaching sacred practices using master plants. She offers workshops at different organizations worldwide. Rocio was awarded a Cosmic Sister’s Women of the Psychedelic Renaissance grant to present at Spirit Plant Medicine Conference in 2020.

Dr. Rocio Alarcón G.