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{"44260":"Analgesia, the Search for Effective Pain Relief - Botanical and Nutritional Protocols","44740":"As Above so Below: Herbal Medicine, the Four Elements and Astrology in a Herbal Practice.","44556":"Global Herbalism for Headaches and Migraines","44849":"Spiritual Co-evolution of Hummingbirds and Plants","44383":"Self Awareness and the Art of Compounding Tibetan Formulas","44472":"Elucidating Energetics","44541":"Optimum Wellbeing on the Journey From Menarche to Menopause","44822":"Herbal Medicine IS Modern Medicine","44403":"Concepts of Spiritual Healing From a Maya Shaman ","44407":"The Healing Trees: The Edible and Herbal Qualities of Northeastern Woodland Trees","44371":"The Magical Effects of Frankincense","44618":"Aligning Your Three Brains for an Optimal Mind, Body, & Spirit","44560":"Herbal Street Medics and Client-centered Care","44219":"Smoothing Out the Rough Edges: Restoring the Nervous System With Nervine Trophorestoratives","44506":"Self-Sufficient Herbalism in Practice","44465":"Upvibes and Downvibes: Plant Medicine and the Balanced Nervous System ","44847":"Herbs Are Not Drugs","44848":"Actions of Herbs for Beginners","44726":"Entering the Light: The Eleusinian Mysteries, the Soma Cult and the Civilizing Effects of Entheogenic Ceremonies Throughout History","44380":"All About Slime","44388":"Herbs and Astrology: The Past and Future of Healing","44463":"Ancient Herbs for Higher Consciousness","44531":"You Don\u2019t Have to Suffer! How Women Can Reclaim Their Power","44846":"Deep Restoration and Sensuality in Chaotic Times","44395":"Regenerative Garden Apothecaries: Adapting to Climate Change","44274":"Entering the New World as a Practicing Herbalist","44332":"Herbal Healing Arts Revival: The Future of Herbalism is in Your Hands!","44845":"Keeping House: Ancestral Home Centered Plant Wisdom ","44665":"Flowers as Friends","44386":"Spice Markets of the World: How They Can Transform the Future of Healthcare","44851":"Transforming Ancestral Trauma Into Ancestral Empowerment","44871":"Healthy Grieving Guide to Death and Dying: The Elemental Forces at Work","44761":"Health Sovereignty: Grow Your Own Medicinal Herbs","44768":"Folk Medicine in Today's World","44778":"Digestive Vitality and Health","44476":"Practicing Ayurveda in South America with Local Herbs","44784":"The Future of Herbal Medicine","44818":"The Story of Cansasa and Indigenous Plant Medicine Storytelling"}
{"44260":"David Winston RH (AHG)","44740":"Elisabeth Brooke","44556":"K. P. Khalsa","44849":"Dr. Rocio Alarc\u00f3n","44383":"Nashalla G. Nyinda, Menpa TMD","44472":"jim mcdonald","44541":"Sarita Shrestha, MD, BAMS","44822":"David Kiefer, MD","44403":"Rosita Arvigo","44407":"Robbie Hanna Anderman","44371":"Shehbaz Khan","44618":"Dr. Trupti Gokani","44560":"Sue Sierralupe","44219":"Sajah Popham","44506":"Lucy Jones MA (Oxon) MSc MURHP","44465":"Katie Silcox","44847":"Christopher Hobbs, PhD, LAc","44848":"Dr. Jill Stansbury","44726":"David Crow","44380":"Chanchal Cabrera MSc, FNIMH, RH(AHG)","44388":"Dr. William Morris","44463":"Adriana Ayales ","44531":"Dr. Eshe Faizah","44846":"Kelsey Barrett","44395":"Nicole Telkes","44274":"Margi Flint","44332":"Kami McBride","44845":"Mary Ayodele","44665":"Maryam Hasnaa At-Tauhidi","44386":"Bevin Clare","44851":"Xochitl Kusikuy Ashe","44871":"Greta de la Montagne","44761":"Elise Higley & Jeff Higley","44768":"Phyllis D. Light","44778":"Thomas Easley RH (AHG)","44476":"Arjun Das","44784":"Julia Graves","44818":"Shayne Case"}
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The Future of Plant Medicine Summit is a 5-day online summit taking place September 27 – October 1, where tens of thousands of people like YOU from around the globe are convening to learn the latest research-backed botanical strategies to calm anxiety, build resilience, manage pain, and heighten consciousness. 

Some of the world’s leading botanical medicine experts, health practitioners, and luminary educators — including the next generation of herbalists who will be shaping the future of herbal medicine — will share deep insights and proven practices that will help put you on a powerful path to system-wide health and wellbeing.

You’ll be in good hands with our co-hosts, who represent the dynamic present and future of plant medicine:

  • David Crow, LAc, herbal pioneer who integrates insights and practices from diverse botanical medicine and spiritual traditions, ranging from Ayurveda to Chinese medicine to Buddhism
  • Adriana Ayales, herbalist, writer, and founder of Anima Mundi Herbals
  • Kelsey Barrett, herbalist, writer, and co-director of Scarlet Sage School of Traditional Healing Arts
  • Sajah Popham, herbalist, author of Evolutionary Herbalism, and founder of the School of Evolutionary Herbalism
  • Nicole Telkes, herbalist, director of the Wildflower School of Botanical Medicine, and co-founder of Moonflower Herbfest

Enjoy this special summit and discover the many ways you can call upon the wisdom of the plant kingdom to address emergent problems. 

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