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Celestial Herbalism: An Integrated Approach Connecting Planetary Archetypes With Plant Signatures

Broadcast on August 22, 2023
With Arjun Das
Hosted by Selima Harleston Lust

In this session, Arjun Das explores the fascinating world of celestial herbalism, revealing the connection between planetary archetypes in Vedic astrology and their corresponding plant signatures. Discover how these symbolic energies can enhance your understanding of herbal remedies and their potential effects on your wellbeing, by blending the wisdom of Vedic astrology and herbalism in a unique way.

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • The connection between Vedic astrology's planetary archetypes and plant signatures, expanding your knowledge of herbal remedies and their effects on wellbeing
  • How astrology and herbalism intertwine, as planetary energies inform and enrich your approach to plant-based healing, unveiling a deeper spiritual language
  • Essential oil serves as a celestial carrier, capturing the cosmic blueprint and supporting spiritual awareness
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Arjun Das

Director of Clarity4life (Brazil), Educator and Ayurvedic Astrology Practitioner

Arjun Das is an Ayurvedic practitioner and panchakarma specialist, and director and founder of Clarity4life Institute in Brazil, creator of the celestial herbalism system — an integrated approach based on Ayurveda and Vedic astrology.

Focused on studying local herbs and their connection with the consciousness as viewed through the lens of Vedic astrology wisdom for health, meditation, and spiritual evolution, Arjun serves as a guest lecturer at major Indian conferences. He’s also been teaching Ayurvedic healing and herbology for more than 20 years, training both natural health enthusiasts and clinicians in the U.S., The Bahamas, France, Italy, and India.

Arjun, who's also a certified hatha yoga instructor, has received the blessings and guidance of many healing masters around the world, and dedicates his life to conducting pioneering research on public health, traditional medicines, and spirituality in Brazil. A well-loved faculty member of The Shift Network, his course The Power of Celestial Herbalism has been highly appreciated among his base of global students.

Arjun Das