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Conquering Sleep Apnea: Natural Remedies & Lifestyle Strategies

Broadcast on August 25, 2023
With K.P. Khalsa
Hosted by Selima Harleston Lust

Sleep apnea is a disruptive sleep disorder with potential long-term health consequences. K.P. Khalsa will explore effective, non-drug solutions for managing sleep apnea and improving overall wellbeing. Delve into natural remedies and lifestyle choices that can counteract and reduce the symptoms of sleep apnea, enabling you and your loved ones to regain quality sleep and reclaim your health. 

In this session, you’ll discover:

  • Causes of sleep apnea
  • Natural remedies for sleep apnea
  • Lifestyle improvements for sleep apnea
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K.P. Khalsa

World-Renowned Herbalist and Teacher

K.P. Khalsa is one of the foremost natural healing experts in North America. He holds a doctorate in Ayurveda, and is nationally credentialed in the U.S. to teach herbalism, yoga, and Ayurvedic massage.

K.P. is a professor at Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, a founding faculty of the Ayurvedic sciences program at Bastyr University, president emeritus of the American Herbalists Guild, and director emeritus of the National Ayurvedic Medical Association. He’s also a faculty member in the botanical medicine department at the National College of Natural Medicine, where he trains naturopathic medical students and teaches Ayurveda.

He’s written or edited 30 books, including major works on Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and physiology. His most recent book, The Way of Ayurvedic Herbs, co-authored with Michael Tierra, brings Ayurveda to life in an understandable and practical way.

K.P. Khalsa