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Self-Sufficient Herbalism in Practice

Broadcast on September 28, 2021
With Lucy Jones MA (Oxon) MSc MURHP
Hosted by Sajah Popham

If herbal medicine is to survive and thrive, we need to learn to be less dependent on market forces and long distance trade. If we source locally where possible and process our own products on a small scale, we can generate so many benefits. Even if we are unable to achieve a high level of self sufficiency ourselves, we can play our part by learning and passing on the knowledge. Lucy Jones believes this knowledge is just as important as passing on the knowledge of herbal properties.

In This Session You'll Discover:

  • Self-sufficient herbalism is not an all or nothing thing, it is a way of working which is achievable in a working herbal practice
  • Self-sufficient herbalism generates significant environmental benefits and results in very high quality vibrant medicines
  • Sourcing our own herbs deepens our relationship with them and allows us to gain new insights into their medicinal properties, while grounding and nourishing us as practitioners
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Lucy Jones MA (Oxon) MSc MURHP

Author of Self Sufficient Herbalism and Founder of Myrobalan Clinic

Lucy Jones is a medical herbalist with a busy high street practice, Myrobalan Clinic, in Somerset, UK. She grows or gathers the majority of the herbs that she works with and is a passionate proponent of self-sufficient herbalism. Prior to qualifying in Western herbalism, she studied Tibetan medicine with the great master Khenpo Troru Tsenam. This experience deeply influences her approach to therapeutic practice as well as the way that she grows and processes her herbs. She originally trained in agriculture and forestry and has two degrees from the University of Oxford. Her book, Self Sufficient Herbalism is published by Aeon Books.

Lucy Jones MA (Oxon) MSc MURHP