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Keeping House: Ancestral Home Centered Plant Wisdom

Broadcast on September 30, 2021
With Mary Ayodele
Hosted by Nicole Telkes

In the context of African culture, "keeping house" refers to a dynamic relational approach to multiple lifeforms, including humans, spirits, and plants for the purpose of creating and sustaining good health for the whole person. In this session, Mary Ayodele will explore the way that plants are at the center of a healthy household for us and our Ancestors and how plants can help us to reclaim our Ancestral traditions.

In This Session You'll Discover:

  • What keeping house meant to our Ancestors and what it means now
  • The importance of flowers, spiritual healing, and emotional balance
  • Two simple steps to infuse home cooking and herbal medicine making with Ancestral wisdom
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Mary Ayodele

Prophetess & Community Herbalist

Mary Ayodele is a prophetess and a community herbalist. As foundress of the Institute of Africana Cosmologyshe preserves and teaches Africana healing wisdom in conferences, classes, and consultations globally. Mary's training in plant-based healing began in her Grandma's garden as a little tot of about two or three years old and continued around the world as an initiate and scholar in West and Central African spiritual traditions. 

Mary has presented Africana herbal workshops at Herbalismo, The International Herb Symposium, and the Moonflower Herb Fest. Mary is a featured contributor in the psychology textbook Root Psychology: A Diverse Assessment regarding the intersection of healing and gardening in the Africana diaspora and several other publications and radio shows.

Mary Ayodele